Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks

Walt and Adam immediately broke down Super Bowl XLIV this morning.

Adam: "Yeah. I wanted the Colts to win, but my dad said they didn't win."
Walt: "I wanted them to win, too. They have Peyton Manning. He's a really good player. I really thought he would help them win."

That's pretty much a three-line summary of every sports talk radio show in the country yesterday morning. And I got it in 12 seconds directly from my backseat.

But the real jewel of the drive was Adam's take on what has become the most iconic image of the game, a shot of winning quarterback, Drew Brees, holding his infant son, Baylen, after the game. Being a daddy, I, of course, saw it live because I can stay up late. And CBS was eating it up. I'm sure many of you saw it, but if not, Brees had tears in his eyes; his cuter-than-cute little boy had on protective ear muffs to shield his little ears from all of the post-game noise; Brees is clearly taking it all in, and you can just see him capturing the most awesome mental image of it all for his own sake and that of his son, who will never remember it. Here's a screen cap of the moment:

Here's Adam's take on this moment in response to Walt's position on the Colt's loss even with Peyton Manning:

"Yeah. (He always starts sentences with 'yeah.') And my daddy told me that after the game there was a little boy and he had on headphones and he looked around."

Yeah. One day they'll understand.


  1. Yeah (I guess I start my sentences that way too), I told him about it but still haven't showed him a clip. He was asking last night to see it. I will not let him down tonight. Promise.

  2. What Adam didn't share was how many times on Monday morning he wanted to see the "replay" of the little boy in the earmuffs.