Thursday, February 4, 2010

Houses Don't Build Themselves

A: Hey Walt, do you remember our plan?
W: What plan?
A: Remember that Abby stole Fluffyduck? We have to get her. Do you have any weapons?
W: Weapons?
A: Yes. We have to have weapons.
Me: What kind of plan are you talking about?
W: We can't tell you.
A: It's a secret.

A: Mom, who woke me up this morning?
Me: Dad did.
A: My dad woke me up to say goodnight.
W: My dad didn't wake me up. He went to Texas.
A: My dad went to Texas!
W: He went to Austin. It's in Texas.
A: Like Austin from Backyardigans.
W: Like Austin, Collier's friend. Collier's my cousin.
A: I have cousins.
W: Are your cousins girls?
A: Yes.
W: My cousins are boys.

W: Did you know that some houses are really, really big? My house is old.
A: Some houses are yucky. My house is old, too.
W: My house is older. Did you know that God made people because houses don't build themselves?
M: Waa...Waa.
W: Why is Micah making that annoying sound?
A: Micah, stop that's freaking me out! It's freaking me out!
W: There's a koo koo.
A: Oh! I see a koo koo. What's that smell?
W: I think it's my stink bubble.

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