Tuesday, February 23, 2010

George Lucas, I Hope You're Happy

I was five-years old when The Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters almost thirty years ago.  But I still don't have as firm a grasp on the stories and characters of the Star Wars franchise as my two passengers exhibited this morning.  With the help of the Star Wars insert on the outside of Adam's backpack, they methodically marched through each plot line, each major character (and some minor ones I've never heard of) and their favorite types of "light savers" (per Walt) from each episode.  Wow.

Walt: How can Anakin be good then bad and then good again?  How can he keep changing his mind?


This response, of course, has nothing to do with Walt's question or the topic at hand, but it illustrates the trouble I've had coming up with content for the past few trips to school.  Thanks to Walt's Putty, Walt is able to identify and distinguish a typical pad-mount electrical transformer from the kind that turn into machines and robots and dominates the universe.  Seeing none of the latter during the drive to school, these two floppy-haired, galactic travelers have taken to screaming "TRANSFORMER!!!" directly into my ears every time they see one of the ubiquitous, green boxes.  As you can imagine, this greatly hampers the flow of their conversations and my ability to remember them.  Don't forget, I'm trying to navigate Memphis traffic, listen and remember simultaneously.

I'm waiting for a few more trips before I begin to develop the screenplay, Starformer Wars, Episode 6.5: Revenge of the Clones, or something like that.  Are you listening, George?

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