Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potty Talk

Today's carpool conversation was peppered with talk of the tooth fairy and the tooth pouches they made in CLUE today. Also, something about the plaque monster and spicy toothpaste. But the most eventful conversation went something like this:

W: I think I have to go to the bathroom.
A: You always have to go to the bathroom.
W: Do you know why I always have to go to the bathroom? Because I drink a lot. And what you really your pee pee.

Me: Walt, we are two minutes from home. Can you hold it?

W: Umm...yeah.
Me: (beginning to narrate our way home so that Walt knows how close we are) We're on Cooper...almost there!
W: Next is Nelson! My pee pee is telling me it wants to come out!

Me: Please tell your pee pee to hold on. We're almost home. Turning on Philadelphia!

W: Oooh....I don't know if I can hold it!

Me: (speeding down my street and abruptly parking the car in front of my house, then jumping in the backseat to undo the buried middle carseat seat belt.) Walt, run to the steps, I'll meet you there! (Then leaving the other two children in the car wondering where mommy went, I ran to the door to unlock it for Walt.)

Walt: WE MADE IT! (and he proceeded doing his necessary duties as I retrieved the other children.)

Fun times, fun times!

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