Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Life Lesson

Adam: It’s NOT Fair!

Me: What’s not fair?

Adam: Noah and Doran got to pick something from the “Good Choice Bag” and I didn’t. It’s NOT FAIR!

Walt: Well, Adam. When your card fills up with stickers you can pick something from the “Good Choice Bag.”

Adam: I have to get two more stickers. But it’s NOT FAIR!

Walt: Adam, sometimes some people… (he hesitates)

Adam: Walt, I want to hear what comes out of your mouth…

Walt: Well… sometimes… some people get things and other people don’t.

Adam: It’s NOT FAIR!

Walt: Hey Adam, do you want to save someone today?

Adam: Yeah! Let’s save Asoka! (from Lego Star Wars on Wii)

…and all becomes FAIR with the world as they plot how to save Asoka from certain doom.

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