Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Choices and Snack Packs

Today was Walt and Adam's best friend, Meredith's first day of Clue. I asked them if they thought Mer had a good first day.

Adam: I think she liked it. But she just got her first sticker, so she can't pick anything from the Good Choice box. I only have one sticker left to get before I can pick from the Good Choice box. Not tomorrow, but the NEXT DAY!!

Then Walt told all about his excitement for Friday when the "Bug Guy" would be visiting his school. Adam was fairly disgusted until Walt assured him the bugs were in cages.

As we pulled up to the intersection at Union and Danny Thomas, the boys reminded me that we needed to pass out a Snack Pack to the hungry man standing beside the car. I told them we didn't have anymore. I was interrupted with two very loud, unison "YES WE DO!!! THERE'S ONE BACK HERE!!"

Sure enough, one Snack Pack was hidden under my seat near Adam's feet. I could barely reach it, but just in time, we were able to give the food to the man before the light turned green. He was very appreciative and said thanks to the boys. Then they made plans for going to the store to buy the needed supplies to make more Snack Packs.

Further down Union, Adam said, "Hey! That's where my Dreamatologist is. He fixed my cheeks. They're white now, but they were red." Yes, Adam should have a dreamatologist. He's had some really weird dreams lately!


  1. Meredith is constantly wanting to hand out bags. I wonder what it is that makes them so much better at that then your average grown up? And for the record, with the exception of the fire drill, Mer had a fabulous day!

  2. I love that Adam, Walt, and Meredith are all so intense about the Snack Packs!