Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kindergarten = Freedom

Day 4 of Kindergarten has come and gone. Today on the way home I asked Adam and Walt what they had for lunch. Adam, as he did the last three days, led out with chocolate milk, then said that he also had a hot dog. Walt shared that he had white milk, and a peanut butter sandwich. Walt then told Adam that he should probably just drink chocolate milk once a week, that it would better if he primarily drank white milk since that was better for his body. Adam responded by saying that he drinks white milk all the time at home and can do whatever he wants in kindergarten. It was silent for a moment, and then Walt said, "Well maybe you can have it two times a week."

Again, silence for a moment, and then Adam said, "Did you know that we have to do this (go to kindergarten) until summer starts?

After that they made farting noises with their hands, which made the argument go away, and which, by the way, Micah absolutely loved.


  1. That is hilarious!!! Love the commentary. Maddox and I have been having discussions about the milk, because, as Adam so quickly discovered - we have no control over their drink choices now:) Maddox proudly told me he had strawberry milk the first day. I asked if he might also add white milk to the rotation. I guess he is taking the Walt Compromise - he's decided to have it two times a week:)

  2. Do you think they learned to make the farting noises at kindergarten?

  3. Yes! Definitely a newly learned skill!

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