Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses

Playdate edition. They were knee-deep in Legos and Star Wars toys...

Adam: Stop buying stuff! You keep buying stuff and it makes me want to keep buying stuff!

Walt: I can buy stuff when I want to!

Adam: But I can’t buy stuff until I get money. It takes a long time!

Walt: You know how I buy stuff? I save up my money.

Adam: I want to buy a Vulture Droid.

Walt: I don’t think you can get one. I bought mine in Nashville.

A: Do you want to buy my Bakugan?

W: No.

A: Well, I don’t want you to buy any more.

They moved on pretty quickly to racing the actual Tank Droid and the Lego Tank Droid. But I'm sure we haven't heard the end of this conversation! Did I just hear Robert begging for the new i-phone?


  1. Yeah, he saves up his money, but he never spends it -- he just waits until Putty's around and then he gets whatever he wants!

  2. I also must clarify for those who may be reading this and have never stepped foot in Adam's room. The irony of this anecdote is that he has 1000 toys and never wants to let go any of them. He just wants the one toy he doesn't own. If Walt had a stick, he'd probably want that too.

  3. haha! Jonathan has seen Adam's toys, and even he is jealous. :)