Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Size Matters

Swim Lesson Edition:

Walt: Look! We're in order: small, medium and big (pointing to himself)!

Adam: Well, I'm almost the biggest.

Walt: Micah is small, you are medium, I'm large, and your mom is extra-large!

Me: (burst out laughing)

Adam: Mom, why are you laughing?

Me: Well, it's just not really polite to call someone "extra-large!"

Walt: But you're like a big kid!

Adam: She's not a kid. She's a grown-up. Mom, are you a kid or a grown-up?

Me: I'm a grown-up.

Walt: But she's a kid-grown-up. Like my mom's a kid.

Adam: Are you a kid-grown-up.

Me: Umm...Sure.

Walt: She's a kid, 'cause she has parents. But she's a grown-up too. (smart kid, that one!)

Me: Yes, I guess you're correct.

Adam: Her parents live in Kentucky.

Micah: TUCKY!!

Adam: They are Pa and La La.

Micah: PAAA!! LALA!!!

Walt: We're about to turn on Poplar.


Then I dropped off one very excited swimmer (Walt) and one very scared and nervous swimmer (Adam). Hope the week gets easier!

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